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Nigeria officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in the "West of Africa".Being the seventh most populous country of the world,Nigeria is also known as "Giant of Africa" It has 36 states and Abuja is its Capital. If we talk about the geographical location of the country is situated in West Africa likewise borders are shared with the Republic of Benin from the west, Chad and Cameroon lies in the east, and Niger is in the north. The beaches are famous because of the geographical location of its coast because in the south lies the Gulf of Guinea which interacts with the Atlantic Ocean.

This was a brief overview about the Nigeria, now let’s take a look at the tourist attractions of this country. The country has more than 70 tourists Attractions. Some of them are mention here.

Azumini Blue River Rose.

Azumini Blue River lies in Abia State in Nigeria. At the shore side of the river people enjoy the warm sandy beach, bbq's, crystal blue water, songs of local kids and the pleasant atmosphere.

The Long JuJu Shrine of Arochukwu.
Arochukwu or Arochuku is a famous as a tourist’s destination. Its history, tribesman culture is what that attract people the most. An other thing famous about this place is the cave of the famous long juju oracle. The Arochukwu people believe that Gods here through pipes in the tunnel.  

Ibeno Beach.

Ibeno beach is a famous beach situated in Akwa lbom State, Nigeria at the shores of Atlantic Ocean. The beach is the best spot for people with passion of playing Water sports. Other fun activities include swimming, snorkeling and BBQ’s at the white sandy beach. 

Ogbunike Cave.

Ogbunike Cave can be depicted as the beautiful speculate of nature. It is located in Anambra State, to be precise few kilometers far from the Onitsha market town.

Rojenny Tourist Village.
In Anambra State, just at the outer edge of Onitsha market town furthermore it is one of the important visitors resorts of Nigeria

lgbo-Ukwu is an ancient town which is a prominent tourists attraction due to its bronze relic. The bronze which has been date back to the 9th century it is important because of its historic significance.

Yankari National Park.
The yankari national park is famous due to its diversity of flora and fauna available for viewing all around the year, although the wild life can be better observed between November and May. These were some of the tourist attractions more detailed description is provided in individual cities section.

Find and comapre cheap flights to Nigeria. There are many attractions in Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Kano, Port Harcourt and other cities of Nigeria. You can find cheap air tickets to Nigeria and flight packages at most affordable prices. 
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